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Journal of Value Growth | Volume Mar. 2011
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Put Your PROFITS MATTER® on Autopilot
Discover how to improve your business performance and ROI. Grow in value--not just in revenue. If you want your business to reach full value potential and are interested in creating business value that transforms your world, then this class is for you. Register next Live Class April 14, 2011.

What does the Chinese banner above mean? Just reply, I will share. P.S. it's not a logo, it's a Chinese business phrase.
Value Growth Tips
Visualizing Your Future

Police Your Own Business! Three Things to Watch for That Could Get Your Business Issued a Warning Ticket
. Business owners who may not be paying enough attention to three vital signs which serve as warnings that a business could be in financial trouble and/or not growing in value.Watch out for these 3 warning signals that your business may not be growing in value. Get a formula for determining a positive cash flow. Know how to measure ROI. Read more...

Could You Become a Business Architect? There are three kinds of business owners - technicians, managers and business architects. While the first two are admirable levels, becoming a true business architect for your business is a game changer, meaning you've built a business that creates a desirable lifestyle for you and the families the business supports, business value, and a lasting legacy for other generations. How you can take the first steps in becoming a business architect. Read more...

Are the Multipliers decreasing in Industrial Manufacturing small/mid size business? Economic activity in the U.S. manufacturing sector continues to expand. Download a copy.
Book Review
Found Money: Simple Strategies for Uncovering the Hidden Profit and Cash Flow in Your Business by Steve Wilkinghoff

"Why are you in business?" Author Steve Wilkinghoff reminds entrepreneurs, "You're in business to make money! " This book provides solid tools and methods to analyze small to mid size businesses. Read more...

Regional Economics monthly Snapshot by Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond for Fifth District. Snapshot includes timely analysis of labor market, household, and housing market conditions at both the state and metro area level. Download March 2011 North Carolina.

Chia-Li ChienChia-Li (Jolly) Chien, CFP®,CRPC,PMP
Small Business Value Growth Advisor, Value Growth Institute
Creating business value that transforms your world.

704-268-9378, jolly@chialichien.com, http://valuegrowthinstitute.com

Award-Winning Author of  Show Me The Money - Run Your Business like a Prosperous Investor

"Innovation is the act that endows resources with a new capacity to create wealth. - Peter Drucker"

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